Kemppi management

Where experience meets welding vision

Management team

The Kemppi management team initiates and follows strategic actions and business developments. It also defines the operative principles and resources for Kemppi Oy worldwide.

Ville Vuori Kemppi Oy

Ville Vuori

  • CEO, Kemppi Oy
  • Languages: EN, FI

Katri Sahlman

Mika Kuusela

Hannu Jokela

  • Vice President, Export Sales & Global Customer Service; Managing Director, Kemppi UK
  • Tel. +358 44 2899239
  • [email protected]
  • Languages: EN, FI, DE

Petteri Jernstr?m

  • Vice President, Product Management and Development
  • Tel. +358 44 2899548
  • [email protected]
  • Languages: EN, FI
Terhi Laari Kemppi Oy

Terhi Laari

Mikko V?is?nen Kemppi Oy

Mikko V?is?nen

  • Vice President, Global Project Sales & Domestic Sales
  • Tel. +358 44 2899398
  • [email protected]
  • Languages: EN, FI, SE

Members of the board, Kemppi Oy


  • Teresa Kemppi-Vasama, Chairman of the Board
  • Matti Hyyti?inen, Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Antti Kemppi, Board member and Executive Chairman, Kemppi Group Oy
  • Tomas Hedenborg, Board member
  • Juho Malmberg, Board member
  • Heikki Westerlund, Board member

Members of the board, Kemppi Group Oy


  • Antti Kemppi, Chairman of the Board
  • Hannu Kemppi, Board member
  • Teresa Kemppi-Vasama,?Board member and Executive Chairman, Kemppi Oy
  • Jouko Kemppi,?Board member
  • Eija Vartiainen,?Board member
  • Kimmo Kemppi,?Vice Chairman of the Board
  • Petri Vartiainen,?Board member
  • Nina Kemppi,?Board member
  • Olli Ryyn?nen,?Board member

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